About us

Olivenatura.com was created by the Brilakis family, who live and work in the southern part of Crete.  We have been committed for years to finding and promoting excellent quality Cretan products that for centuries have been the basis of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. 

The father of the family, Manolis Brilakis, is engaged in the handcrafting of wooden products, exclusively made from Cretan olive wood. Particular and unique products made of hundreds of years old olive wood come to life in his workshop. 

Vasso, the mother, and our two children are dedicated in finding and bringing to our loyal customers excellent natural products from the best local producers and craftsmen of our island.  Pure virgin olive oil, thyme honey of exceptional quality, herbs from the earth and the mountains of Crete, natural and herbal cosmetics and other local certified pure products without preservatives and additives. 

All our products are picked one by one by us personally and after a   thorough quality inspection are selected to enter our stores and then come to your home. 

Our motto …Nothing enters your house…if it hasn’t entered our house first!

All these but most of all the love and respect for our land and the land of our ancestors urged us to share with you the treasures of our homeland through this online store.

We are always happy to share our knowledge and experience about our local products, please do not hesitate to contact us for any question.  

Thank you for your preference,

Vasso & Manolis Brilakis