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Cretan Wild Herbal Tea 30gr

Cretan traditional herbal tea is a Tonic decoction ideal for all hours of the day and all seasons.Based on the a traditional recipe its made by mixing specific amounts of wild Dittany , Cretan Sage an..

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Sage is known for its antibiotic and antifungal properties. Sageleaves have antiseptic , expectorant , tonic and cardiotonic properties.Ideal for tea and cooking.It is collected by hand at an altitude..

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Dictamos of Crete 15gr

The Cretan native tea  Dittany or Dictamos is endemic in Crete and has medical properties known since antiquity. It is a plant stimulant of the digestive system , soothing the pain of the st..

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Herbal Mix Tea Karteraki 30gr

"Karteraki" is a Cretan traditional Herbal tea. Tonic decoction very relaxing and beneficial to the stomach, ideal for all hours of the Day and all seasons.Based on the traditional recipe from the cit..

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Malotira Cretan Mountain tea 20gr.

The classic Tea from the mountains of Crete is the best decoction for the cold.It has beneficial effects on inflammation of the upper respiratory system in the fight against indigestion and gastrointe..

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The natural unprocessed sea salt of ''Cretan Anthos" is collected from the salt pits of Crete , and gives a unique flavor to the food.Raw Salt is produced by evaporating the seawater into the Sun.It c..

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